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Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1992). Director, Social Studies Education Program.

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New Social Studies Education web site

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NEW!! Combined BA/MA Program

The History Department has recently established a combined, 5-year BA/MA program in history.  This program will allow highly qualified and motivated undergraduates to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in 10 semesters.  The program will provide a challenging 5th year of study that will serve as a springboard for those considering applying for doctoral study in history at  other institutions while providing professional training for those persons considering employment in fields that value the analytical, research, and writing skills that students acquire in the master’s program.

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Curriculum Vitae
SBS S-651
Research Interests

Modern Europe (especially Germany and France), welfare and social policy, intellectual history, historiography. My next project will be a study of information, privacy, surveillance, and civil liberties in postwar Germany.

I serve as director of the Social Studies Education Program, and I am on the editorial board of Social History.  In recent semesters I have taught surveys of early modern and modern Europe, historiography, foundations of education, and social studies methods.
Scholarly Works
Surveillance, Privacy, and the Politics of Personal Information in Postwar West Germany.  Forms of Social Power in the West German Information Society (in progress).

Poor Relief and Welfare in Germany from the Reformation to World War I (Cambridge University Press, 2008). The book analyzes the changing cultural construction of need and normality in Germany from the end of the 1400s through 1918, explores the impact of assistance strategies on the citizenship rights of needy and endangered populations, and reassesses the usefulness of social discipline as master concept for studying welfare state formation.

Articles and Book Chapters
"Datenschutz, the Defense of Law, and the Debate over Precautionary Surveillance:  The Reform of Police Law and the Changing Parameters of State Action in West Germany ," German Studies Review 38:2 (2015), 305-25.

"Population Registration, Social Planning, and the Discourse on Privacy Protection in West Germany," Journal of Modern History 87:2 (June 2015), 316-56.

“Against the Deregulatory Tide:  Privacy Protection Legislation in the Federal Republic,” in Knud Adresen and Stefan Müller, eds., Contesting Deregulation: Debates and Practices in the West since the 1970s (Berghahn Books, forthcoming 2016).

“Rethinking Privacy in the Age of the Mainframe:  Integrated Information Systems, the Changing Logic of Privacy, and the Problem of Democratic Politics in Surveillance Societies,” in Ulrike Ackermann (Hrsg.), Im Sog des Internets. Privatheit und Öffentlichkeit im digitalen Wandel (Frankfurt, 2013), 71-92.

"'Only Sheep Let Themselves Be Counted':  Privacy, Political Culture, and the 1983/87 West German Census Boycotts," Archiv für Sozialgeschichte 52 (2012), 335-78.

"Virtually Creditworthy: Privacy, the Right to Information, and Consumer Credit in West Germany, 1950-1985," in Jan Logemann, ed., The Development of Consumer Credit in Global Perspective:  Business, Regulation, and Culture (Palgrave, 2012), 129-54.

“The Right to Health and Social Citizenship in Germany, 1848-1918,” in  Frank Huisman and Harry Oosterhuis, eds., Health and Citizenship.  Political Cultures of Health in Britain, the Netherlands, and Germany (Pickering and Chatto, 2014), 123-40.

"The Break-up of the Poor Laws - German Style: Progressivism and the Origins of the Welfare State, 1900-1918," Comparative Studies in Society and History 50:4 (October 2008), 981-1009.

“Prevention, Welfare and Citizenship: The War on Tuberculosis and Infant Mortality in Germany, 1900-1930,” Central European History 39 (2006), 431-81

"Neo-Stoicism and the Transition to Modernity in Wilhelm Dilthey's Philosophy of History," Journal of the History of Ideas (April 1995), 263-87.

"NCSS Standards and the History Major: Are They Really Irreconcilable?” AHA Perspectives (September 2006).