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Humanities Honors

This past week Prof. Jared Farmer went to Dallas, Texas, to pick up the Hiett Prize in the Humanities—a prestigious national award—and separately received the news that his book Trees in Paradise won the Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Award from the Forest History Society.

Sara Lipton Makes News

On the heels of a New York Times profile of Prof. Lipton and her new book, Dark Mirror, on anti-Semitism in medieval art, the New York Review of Books and Religion Dispatches have published related essays by her.

Beyond Environmentalism: Marching toward Climatism

In an online essay, Prof. Chris Sellers puts NYC’s recent People’s Climate March in historical perspective.

A Lesson for Ebola from Jewish History

Prof. Joshua Teplitsky has published an op-ed for the Jewish Daily Forward on contemporary lessons that can be drawn from the quarantine of Jews during Europe’s final outbreak of plague in 1713.

Ebola: How Pop Culture and Infotainment Flame Our Fear

Prof. Nancy Tomes discusses “germ panic” in a timely interview with Popular Science.

SBU students rock the SSRC

Congratulations to both Ashley Black and Andrew Ehrinpreis for being awarded fellowships from the Social Science Research Council (SSRC). Black has won the prestigious Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship for her research on Mexico City as a site of Latin American exile in the 1950s. Ehrinpreis has won a Drugs, Security, and Democracy Fellowship (co-sponsored by the Soros Open Society Foundations) for his dissertation, “Constructing Coca: A History of Bolivian Coca Nationalism and the War on Drugs, 1920–2000.” Ehrinpreis is the third Stony Brook history student to win this prize.