Social Studies Teacher Education Program

Instead of a traditional school or department of education, Stony Brook has adopted a different model for teacher education that requires undergraduates to earn a major in the content area (most often history, but also including Africana studies, anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology) while at the same time completing a course of study in pedagogy that leads to state certification in secondary (grades 7-12) social studies.

This model, as well as the master’s-level certification programs offered in conjunction with the history department, provide our graduates with a level of content knowledge that is far superior to that offered by other education programs, and we believe that this level of content knowledge, in conjunction with the instruction in pedagogy offered by our experienced faculty, makes the graduates of our programs very competitive in the regional job market.

Prospective students should contact Prof. Larry Frohman.

Certification Programs
The Social Studies Teacher Education offers several different certification tracks:

  • Undergraduate 4-Year Program
    This program is designed for students pursuing an undergraduate degree in history or one of the social sciences.

We also have three 5-year bachelor’s/master’s programs for current undergraduates:

There are several advantages to enrolling in one of the five-year programs:

  • They provide a more coherent learning experience.
  • Students earn both degrees in less time than than would be the case if students were to complete the programs sequentially.
  • Graduates are more competitive on the job market.
  • Current New York State regulations require all teachers to earn a relevant master’s degree within five years after receiving their undergraduate degrees. Since graduates of the combined programs will already have the master’s degree in hand, they can focus on learning how to teach, rather than having to worry about going back to school.
  • The BA/MA program will give students a a stronger knowledge of the content area than that provided by any other teacher education program in the New York region.

Click here for information on certification procedures.

The Social Studies Teacher Education Program is accredited by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), and the Stony Brook Professional Education Program is accredited by NCATE, the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.