BA/MA with Social Studies Certification

This program allows qualified students to earn a BA, an MA in history, and social studies certification in five years.  The program will give students a a stronger knowledge of the content area than that provided by any other teacher education program in the New York region. The MA degree can also serve as a springboard for doctoral study or various kinds of non-academic employment.

Click here to download the advising worksheet and a sample course of study.

Who can apply?
The program is limited to history majors with a 3.5 GPA or higher, but admission is selective and most successful applicants have a GPA of 3.8 or higher.

Click here to download the application form and here for the recommendation form.  Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from Stony Brook faculty.  Completed applications should be submitted to Roxanne Fernandez in the History Department.

When to apply
Interested students are encouraged to speak with an advisor as early as possible, but no later than the spring semester of the sophomore year.

What should transfer students do?
Transfer students who are interested in applying to the program should contact the program director as soon as they are notified of their acceptance to Stony Brook.

Continuation in the program
All of the social studies distribution, DEC, and major requirements must be completed prior to beginning graduate coursework. Students admitted to the program must maintain their GPA in order to remain in the program. Students who do not perform satisfactorily in the first graduate history courses may not be permitted to continue in the program. Students who either decided not to continue for the MA or who were not allowed to continue based on their performance in these two graduate courses would be able to graduate with a BA at the end of semester 8.