MAT Requirements

Program Requirements
The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program is offered jointly by the Department of History and the School of Professional Development. The program requires students to take coursework in both history and education, and the program satisfies state requirements for professional certification in social studies. It normally takes 3-4 semesters of full-time study to complete the graduate program–depending on how many program requirements have been met through undergraduate coursework. For more detailed information on program requirements, download a copy of the MAT advising worksheet.

All courses must be passed with a B or better, and students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to remain in good standing. The methods courses must be taken sequentially, and anyone who does not earn a B or higher in the methods courses must repeat both the methods course and the co-requisite field experience. Students must also meet minimum requirements on the Teacher Candidate Professional Development Form. Students whose GPA falls below 3.0 or who do not meet minimum standards on program assessments will be placed on probation and may not register for additional teacher education courses until they are again in good standing. For further information, see the PEP Guide to Teacher Education.

Pedagogy Courses
Students are accepted into the program for both fall and spring semesters, and the methods courses are offered both semesters (though not during the summer).

PSY 595 Human Development
CEE 505 Education – Theory and practice
LIN 544 Language Acquisition and Literacy Development
CEE 577 Teaching Social Studies (co-requisite CEF 548; fall only)
CEF 548 Field Experience I – Grades 7-9 (1 credit, S/U, must be taken concurrently with CEE 577)
CEE 578 Social Studies Strategies (co-requisite CEF 549; spring only)
CEF 549 Field Experience II – Grades 10-12 (1 credit, S/U, must be taken concurrently with CEE 578)
CEE 580 Student Teaching Seminar (co-requisites CEQ 581 and 581)
CEQ 581 Supervised Student Teaching – Grades 7-9 (S/U)
CEQ 582 Supervised Student Teaching – Grades 10-12 S/U)

History Courses
All students must take CEG 523 Historiography plus four electives chosen from the following:

CEG 532 US History to Civil War
CEG 522 US History since Civil War
CEG 516 Early Modern Europe
CEG 524 Late Modern Europe
CEG 517 Modern Latin America
CEG 534 Topics Seminar: Africa
CEG 534 Topics Seminar: Asia
CEG 536 Introduction to South Asia
CEJ 501 Traditional China: Culture & Society
CEJ 502 Modern China: Culture & Society
CEG 555  Gender in Modern Global History
CEG 564 Introduction to Chinese History
CEG 565 Introduction to Japanese History
CEG 566  Comparative Studies of Slavery in the Atlantic
HIS 515 The 20th Century in Global Perspective

Required Areas of Study for Social Studies Certification
To be recommended for certification, MAT students must demonstrate competence in the  required areas of study detailed on the MAT advising worksheet. This requirement may be met through either prior undergraduate coursework or through the history courses required for the degree. Equivalent undergraduate courses will normally be accepted, and undergraduate coursework of incoming students will be evaluated on an individual basis by the program director. The student is responsible for showing that prior coursework provides the survey knowledge needed to teach the 7-12 curriculum in the individual areas.

Important Note: The History Department does not offer courses that satisfy requirements in areas 7-10 as part of the MAT program. These requirements will have to be satisfied through undergraduate courses. The undergraduate social studies program has identical required areas of study, and courses that are accepted for the undergraduate program will also be accepted for the graduate program. Students admitted in the spring for the fall semester might wish to take meet these requirements over the summer. Undergraduate courses taken to satisfy program requirements do not count towards full-time status for financial aid purposes.  CLEP tests may only be used to satisfy the foreign language requirement, not content area distribution requirements.

Foreign Language Requirement
Students must complete one year of college level foreign language study. MAT students may satisfy this state requirement in several ways:

  • Complete 6 credits of college level language or earn a C or higher in an intermediate level foreign language course.  Sign language will be accepted in satisfaction of this language requirement.
  • Scores of 3 or above on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test in a language other than English.
  • Pass the placement exams offered by the Language Learning and Research Center ( in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.