Undergraduate Admissions and Transfer Students

Current Undergraduates
The program is open to undergraduates majoring in History or the following social sciences: Africana Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology, and students must enroll in both the major and the Social Studies Education Program. Undergraduates must apply to the Social Studies Education Program even if they are already enrolled in the University. Undergraduates should apply to the program at the same time that they declare a major (no later than end of sophomore year).

Click here to download an application form.

Students will not be permitted to enroll in the social studies methods courses until they have been admitted to the program. Students interested in applying to the program should complete the application form and then make an appointment to meet with the program director. Please bring the completed application along with the required essay and copies of transcripts from prior institutions to this meeting. To be admitted to the Social Studies Education Program, applicants must:

  • be registered in an appropriate major,
  • have an overall GPA of 2.75 or better based on at least 12 credits taken at Stony Brook. Incoming transfer students will be evaluated on the basis of their GPA from their prior institution.
  • have taken either HIS 101 or 102 and either HIS 103 or 104 (or equivalent courses at other institutions), and
  • have satisfied at least three of the required areas of study (see the undergraduate advising worksheet) with a B or better.  HIS 101/102 and HIS 103/104 may be used to satisfy this admission requirement.

In exceptional cases, the program director may waive specific requirements. See the PEP Guide to Teacher Education.

Program Requirements
Click here to view program requirements and here to download the undergraduate advising worksheet.

Information for Transfer Students
Students at community colleges and other schools who are contemplating transferring to Stony Brook should download the undergraduate advising worksheet and use this as a road map for course selection before transferring to Stony Brook. Students are strongly encouraged to take the survey courses in history and the social sciences in order to meet program admission requirements and acquire the knowledge needed to succeed in upper-division courses at Stony Brook. Most introductory surveys offered at other institutions will be accepted in satisfaction of Social Studies Education program requirements.

Note: Students transferring to Stony Brook as first-semester juniors should plan on taking SSE 397 and SSE 449 in the fall semester. Such students should complete the program application and meet with the program director as early as possible to evaluate prior coursework and complete the program admission process.