WST, AFS, & LAC Courses

Women’s and Gender Studies (WST)
The following are the only Women’s Studies courses that will be accepted by the Social Studies Education Program:

WST 102-F Introduction to Women’s Studies in the Social Sciences
WST 103-G Women, Culture and Difference
WST 112-F Social Sciences and Sexuality
WST 204-F Intimate Relationships
WST 247-F Sociology of Gender
WST 301-G Histories of Feminism
WST 304-F Sociology of the Family
WST 310 Contemporary Feminist Issues
WST 316-F The Healer and the Witch in History
WST 320-F Women in Judaism
WST 330-F Gender Issues in the Law
WST 333-K Women in US History
WST 334-I Women, Work and Family in Modern European History
WST 340-H Sociology of Human Reproduction
WST 345-J Women and Gender in Chinese History
WST 347-F Women and Politics
WST 350-J Black Women and Social Change
WST 360-I Women in Premodern Europe
WST 371-F Gender and Work
WST 374-F Historical Perspectives on Gender Orientation
WST 387-J Women, Development, and Revolution in Latin America
WST 396-K Special Topics in the History of American Women

Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LAC)
LAC 200 – Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Societies will be accepted.
LAC 488 – Internship will not be accepted

Africana Studies (AFS)
All Africana Studies courses in the social sciences (AFS courses) will be accepted except for the following:
AFS 283 Community Service
AFS 410 Computers and Third World Social Issues
AFS 421/422 Topics in Africana Studies
AFS 475/476 Undergraduate Teaching Practicum
AFS 487/488 Research/Internship
AFS 491 Interdisciplinary Seminar

AFH courses can not be accepted.